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Figs (Tiger)

Availability: July - September

Tiger Figs are prized as one of the most flavorful varieties of figs. They are light yellow, small to medium, pear-shaped with unique dark green stripes.
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Oranges (Blood)

Availability: August - June, sporadic

The Blood Orange has a wonderfully rich citrus flavor with a sweet raspberry aftertaste. They have a red maroon interior and bright orange skin with a ruby red tinge.
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Passion Fruit

Availability: Year-round, sporadic

Inside the wrinkled, dimpled Passion Fruit is a pleasant surprise. The aromatic, jelly-like interior of this tropical fruit is sweet-tart in flavor with soft, edible seeds.
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Market  Update 9/25/17

Chanterelle Mushrooms
Robust in flavor!


Meyer Lemons
Kiwi Berries
Cabernet Cherry Tomatoes

The Melissa's Food Service Team sources the finest fresh ingredients available from around the world and the U.S., including  several local farmers' markets in the Southern California area.

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Sep 29 Fourth Annual Newport Beach Wine & Food Festival 2017
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